9 Phase Simple Cat Home Alone

The easiest step you can do to change the atmosphere of a house or a room is to change the color of the wall paint.

Unfortunately, we often give up first, because imagine the hassles and the costs to be incurred to pay the builders.
Actually, if you just paint the room, anyway, you do it yourself. The advantage, in addition to painting according to taste, of course, saving labor costs.
Consider the following guidelines:

Prepare tool

First thing, you have to prepare the equipment for the paint, such as masking tape, duct tape, paper, stairs, sandpaper, putty, brushes, water cans, tubs of paint and a roller.

Prepare in advance so that when you work you do not need to hassle to find and wasting more time.

Clean the wall

The walls to be painted must be cleaned before from dust. The aim is to produce a smooth wall surface and flat. You can clean the wall using a vacuum cleaner, broom or duster.

If there is a big stain on the wall, using a sponge and clean water detergent mixture. Then, let stand for a moment until the wall dries.

Cover the unpainted

Cover the space that do not want to paint, such as window frames, door handles, the edge of the ceiling, and so on. Close using duct tape or masking tape.

While other goods around the paint area you can cover it with newspapers, so as not exposed to splashes of paint. You also should cover the floor with newspaper or ironing board in order to keep the floor clean.

After repainting, immediately remove the masking tape or duct tape before the paint dries cover to avoid paint participate uprooted.

Close Cracks in Walls

If there is a crack / crevice in the wall, you should close it with putty first. Flatten putty sandpaper until smooth. Apply also primer paint before painting so that the end result is flat and shiny.

Stir Cat preemptively Prior Used

Paint to be used must be stirred in advance so as not to clot and optimize color. Stir for approximately five minutes.

Mix the paint with water as much as 10 percent of the amount of paint used.

Mixed Paint with Water Base or Solvent

Cover the surface of the wall to be painted with water base or solvent quality. This will make the paint more evenly, smooth, and easy to peel.

You can also use the wall sealer to adjust ph ph cement with paint so that the color is more durable.

Give Color Basics

If you want to change the color of the walls in a color other than white, you have to sand the wall first in order to dispose of the previous color.

But if too much trouble, you can replace it with giving a white base color first. White base color will make the color brighter paint.

So that the quality of the same wall color, we recommend that you work on one area of ​​the surface at a time. The time lapse between the layers one with both about 1-2 hours.

Use Small Brush

Paint roller will help to paint on a large wall surface. But to reach a small area such as the corner of a room, you need a small size brush that paints the result does not fall apart.

Use Mechanical ZigZag

Make a method of painting with zig-zag up and down repeatedly until the walls closed flat. This method is also used to tone the wall surface.

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